Welcome to

Alex's Space

*I'm Alex Jiang,This is my space

I'm an :

Born in China

Loved ≪The Walden

Study in RMIT

Travel and live inMelbourne

Experiecing meaning of life*meanwhile, seek for the spring of inspiration.**

* actually it's just work,** no more than chatting

Somethimes, I feel the world is beneath my feet

Maybe at some point or somewhere

You smiled and talked to me of nothing


When you start to enter Alex's Space

We start to share something in common

Maybe what you can see here is

Some stupid thoughts and posts

But it records every moment of my little life

My Feelings,My Stories

As if

I feel the silence of your great thoughts

良驹美景, 高山流水, 我真心希望 您就是 我的伯乐,我的子期

One More Thing

No matter where you are, what you do

Please do remember


The highest good is like water,being pure in heart and mind

Thanks for visiting

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